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Degrassic Park
It 100% Goes There! Intensity!

I post all kinds of crap, and you can check the tags to find the specific kind of crap you want. but mostly I'm doing episode review-type-things

Season One
1x15 - Jagged Little Pill

Season Three
3x01 - Father Figure, Part 1
3x02 - Father Figure, Part 2

more coming, out of order, at spastic intervals and of erratic quality. hurrah!

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I wish you could have multiple Meez in one pic ... I could have the entire Degrassi disaster, or maybe just the minor holocaust known as the Zit Remedy. I don't think even Meez has bad enough clothes for Snake, or a hairstyle that can capture all the subtle glories of Wheels' mullet

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so I just finished the run of Degrassi Junior High, and, besides the fact that I'm going to recap a few episodes later this week, here's some notes on DNG from having watched the old show ...

- I think the Caitlin/Spike friendship in Next Gen was meant to be Spike/Liz, but they couldn't get the actress or something ... because the only contact they seem to have as kids is Spike getting pissed off cause Caitlin made her her cause of the week, and they don't have too much in common at all. also, they couldn't have it be Liz, because they already did the "my tragically gay parent!" plot with Ashley

- speaking of Caitlin, she is so much lamer as an adult than a kid. she's a bit self-righteous on DJH, but she's a eye-bugging prat-falling simpleton on the new show, and I'm not quite sure why they change her character the way they do. Spike, Snake and Joey are all pretty IC - especially Snake, he really is exactly the same. except with less naked Joey and Wheels sleepovers

- knowing DNG completely changes the Pregnant!Spike arc. I've never wanted to punch a knocked-up kid so bad. HAVE THE DAMN ABORTION BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!

- Raditch has way more personality back in the day, and not just the part we made up where he's been molesting Joey all through middle school without Joey knowing it

- this theme makes the Next Gen's sound like the Beatles or possibly Mozart. if you pulled someone off the street and gave them 10 seconds to write a song about junior high, it couldn't possibly be worse than this, even if that person just yelled "dun nananana JUNIOR HIGH yeah middle school woo! dun nuh nuh naaaa" into a paper bag

- at least Downtown Sasquach and Whatever the Girls' Band is This Week only played each stupid song once or twice. I hear "Everybody Wants Something" in my dreams now AND I DON'T LIKE IT

Who DJH kids turned into on DNG
Stephanie - a lot of first-season Ashley, plus Manny's sluttiness

Joey - JT (and yet I love him), plus the bullying part of Spinner (and might I say - if you can be bullied by Joey, you probably just shouldn't bother existing. he's 2 feet tall and wears grandpa hats) and Marco's tiny flamosity. within the Zit Remedy, he's probably Craig (which we get to see in that Next Gen episode where he tries to be in Downtown Sasquatch. at the time that seemed weird, but now I realise how completely and utterly in-character it is for Joey to lose all higher mental function in the face of a terrible terrible garage band).

Arthur and Yick - both are fairly Tobyish, and inform the terrible, terrible kind of b-plots JT and Toby torture us with

Rick - Sean, and Craig's daddy-abuse ... also some of Craig's crazy, cause Sean would never spend his lottery winnings on fucking licorice. his brief relationship with Caitlin is the blueprint for all 28 kamillion hours of Sean/Emma

Voula - Liberty's nerdiness, Emma and Ashley's self-righteousness, Marco's wacky-ethnic-parentness.
(Voula is then broken down into Alexa and Michelle - Michelle's dweebiness, Alexa's Foreign Parents Who Just Don't Understand How We Roll in 1987 Canada)

Kathleen - is conservative Emma, basically, or a prudey Paige. either way - KILL IT. her and Melanie's "wait, why are these two friends?" best-friendship repeats all through Next Gen Degrassi - think Emma and Manny especially. in fact, Kathleen-Melanie turned into Emma-Manny when someone decided to make the nosy blonde a hippie and let the brunette sidekick realise her dreams of skankitude

Lucy - Lucy is Jimmy in a fright wig and scarves, with her Rich, Yet Absent Parents, rockin' house for other people's shenanigans, and Tragic Cripplage. they both even dress like Micheal Jackson - except Jimmy did it for a costume

Caitlin - Emma, but Emma gets causes that are ten million times more insane. rainforest toilet seats?

Liz - Ellie, once they add some cutting and whining. and Paige/Alex goes where Spike/Liz really really wanted to.

Raditch becomes Ms Kwan, and Ms Avery becomes Snake

more added as they occur to me. in the meanwhile, I need old school icons

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this barely touches on the Marco's Dad-Mario connections that must be made. why the Italian Anti-Defamation League is spending so much time on the Sopranos when things like this go on-air boggles the mind

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In my Father Figure post, I said ...

"I'm sure the next season will involve Emma giving birth[...]"

and today on the-N.com I see this. Oh, Degrassi. You never fail to go There, as long as There is a gravid teenage womb.

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courtesy of my good friend lostitforever and his wacky livejournal ...

"Ahem ...

Case 1:

Case 2:

on that note, I believe I'll start pimping this at not my own journal. excelsior!

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Another episode post ... by the way, I've decided to do these in when I feel like it order, because if I go according to season I'll inevitably hit on a slow patch and get bored with the whole affair. I don't want to talk about Degrassi when it's a normal teen-issue show acted badly, I want to talk about it when it's completely and utterly pigfuck crazy. Like when a 2 part episode charts the epic struggles of a boneface asshole finding her long lost retarded father while everyone else loses their fucking minds over locker placement.

Father Figure, Part 1 (3x01)Collapse )

Father Figure, Part 2 (3x02)Collapse )

I don't have these episodes on my computer, so no Moments of Zen. The first one would probably be the last couple seconds ("durrr, I'm Shane McCay" *horrible Emma face!*), not sure what the second one would be.

I think I'm going to start doing this more regularly - planning it out gives me something amusing to think about at work, and I don't have anything better to do on weeknights

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ok, I'm going to do an actual episode review ... this one might be a bit iffy because I'm going off memory. Glenn suggested "the Ashley on E one" which as it turns out is called "Jagged Little Pill" in an interesting combination of Canadians. this is probably a good choice since it's so memorable for being exactly the kind of asinine bullshit Degrassi is best for.

Jagged Little Pill, 1x15Collapse )

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fuck! YouTube pulled my Moments of Zen. consarn it. I have to find a new place to stick them, cause I really really like that idea.


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(I can't decide on something more appropriate, so for now this blog will have the ugliest color scheme I can endure)

randomass bullshit I and my friends have concocted or yelled while watching Degrassi ...

* Ashley's name is Peypers (think "peppers", but in an awful Speedy Gonzalez accent). Jimmy's is Pesos. the reasoning for this is so obscure and detached from reality that I'm not even going to explain it, but I will use it to make my new icon

* Joey starts abusing Craig and ushers in the new era of vicious pummelings with the phrase "Welcome to DaddyTown, Bitch - Population, You!" and a faceful of photo chemicals

* "Emma ... do you like baseball?!"

* for verisimilitude, the kid that plays JT was actually stabbed to death

BTW, here's anything that I've written about Degrassi on my regular blog

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